Don Hart's importing service was established in 1959.  We've  imported  over several thousand pigeons over the last 61 years.  We are the oldest, largest and  best  importer / Exporter of both Fancy  and  Racing pigeons  in the USA. With 73  years in the sport and 63  years  importing experience, no one can take  better care of you  birds  or give  better  service. We will even pick up your birds  at the breeders  location and bring them  to the  Dutch  Quarantine and Veterinary  Facility at no charge.

 We import from Belgium and Holland every 4 to 6 weeks. The total cost is  $300.00 per bird including   Express Mail shipping  box, and  discounted Express Mail. There are additional cost from other  countries. There are NO  HIDDEN COST  WITH US.   Please  let us  have your  booking as soon as possible.

 Many people have asked about the details on how the birds are imported.

 1) The birds are pick up at the breeder or auction site at no charge by 

2) Birds are imported at the owners risk We accept no responsibilityfor the death of any of the pigeons and there is no refundsfor the birds that died.

 3) The Birds are Vaccinated   with a combi vaccine Paramixo / Adeno  and the sex are separated and they  stay in the  Quarantine  Facility for 30 days. The birds are then sent to the Canada  Quarantine Facility.

4) When they arrive at the Canada quarantine Facility for 90 days they are Vaccinated again with a combi  vaccine Paramixo / Adeno  and  treated for Respiratory and worms and the sex are separated again. 

 5) After the 90 days in Canada they are sent to us by Delta Airlines.

 6) Then we receive them they are given water, feed, grit, pick stones, then they are sent to the new owners as  soon as possible in  brand new shipping boxs we only use new box to protect the heath of your birds, by express mail.



 If you have any questions please Contact Don at

  203-410- 5111 or  E- Mail: